Artistic Imagery
Compensation and Expectations

Personal or Professional Portfolios

1-50 - Images presented as a movie 250.00
1-50 - Images presented as digital files 150.00
51-100- Images Presented as a movie 250.00
51-100- Images presented as digital files 150.00

Web sites, Products and Art

1-50 - Images presented as a movie 500.00
1-50- Images presented as Digital files 300.00
51-100- Images presented as a movie 500.00
51-100- Images presented as digital files 300.00

Changes and Additions

To make any change to your initial movie requires us to edit your finished movie and then re-create a new movie. This process is time consuming. We specialize in presenting you or your products as movies. If you are only interested in digital files you will still be charged at the movie rate. 
We charge 25.00 per change.
Liability release forms will be provided and kept on file.

What you Will See on Our Web Site

What you will see when you access our site and your video presentation are two video players. The larger one will show your movie and the smaller one (displayed below) will play your YouTube music selection. Both players will start automatically,simultaneously.

 Both of these players will offer you related videos and you can access YouTube from either one.

 Our movies are made as you tube videos and then uploaded to our own YouTube channel. We do not embed your audio choices into your movie as this is plainly a copyright infringement upon the original artist who has created this music. what we do is to sync your movie to your music selection. Both of these players will offer advertising. 

If you chose to not see this advertising on your computer, free programs are available for you to download such as Ad Block to remove this or any other unwanted advertising from your computer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Original music (with a signed release) and voice over audio tracks can and usually are embedded into your movie. 

What we expect from you

A great image is created by a symbiotic relationship between the subject and the photographer. We pride ourselves on showing you to yourself as you see yourself to be in our imagery.

When you visit our studio please block out enough time so that we can create the best possible images for you. Expect to stay for a minimum of four hours. 

In the first hour we will get to know one another so that we have a feel for who you are and what you are trying to create. We will discuss settings and tour our studio and grounds so you may see what possibilities are available for you and your images. 

Please bring a few clothing changes and be prepared to take some direction. Outdoor images can be taken with the Sonoran desert backgrounds we live in, including grandfather Saguaro cactus. We also provide a pool for swim suit images. Our studio is our home and we can put you into any setting you chose to create the best possible images of you. 

For the next three hours we are going to be working. We will provide you with many different settings and choices and we move quickly and efficiently while we do. Your absolute cooperation is essential. We will be having a great deal of fun while we do the work and you will be having fun to. Expect to have a terrific time no matter how you may feel about having photographs taken of you. If you put yourself into our hands you will not be disappointed.

At Booking

We accept a 50 % deposit at booking and full compensation upon completion of your project. We accept cash, money order or personal check only. Bookings are made by email only through our contact us page. Telephones are a distraction and such interruptions do not occur on our shoots. We focus on you so please turn your cell phone off when you visit.
​Professional Photographers

Please contact us for our wholesale pricing. 

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